For over two decades, NCT has set the standard for ultrasound and sonographic services to hospitals, clinics, and private corporations.  Their cost effective service and cutting edge technology makes them one of the leaders in the industry.

If your goal is to operate more efficiently, utilize your staff more effectively, and maintain or improve the quality  of your services, THINK NCT.

Introducing the EAGLE/PACS Solution

By combining the unique features of NCT's shared ultrasound services with that of the tried and tested eRad PACS product, NCT has developed an extremely agile PACS service program to meet the growing demands of hospitals, radiology groups, and imaging centers. In an industry with thinning margins and resource scarcity, NCT's service programs feature rich, capital friendly solutions that address the integration, workflow and care needs of multiple healthcare providers. 

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NCT focuses on three distinct areas of diagnostic services 


NCT offers to hospitals and clinics a dynamic alternative for providing diagnostic ultrasound services at no risk or cost to the facility.  Click here for all of the details of this exciting program. 


NCT offers the ultimate in corporate physicals.   These cost effective physicals are under the direction of a licensed Physician,  certified Sonographers, and they can be "Tailored" for your organization.
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  Not to be confused with ultrasound, this "Cutting Edge" technology provides diagnostic information for musculoskeletal injuries and abnormalities.  Click here for full details.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the above link.  If you do not have Acrobat click here to download the free reader. http://www.adobe.com/products/


VASPRO is another member of the NCT family and specializes in ultrasound guided PICC line insertions. Click here and get the full story of this exciting company and what they have available. 

"When Quality Counts, You Can Count On NCT"

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